Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Assembly Line Man

A by-product of organic chemistry

Fabricated by a couple to serve as a future insurance

Sterilized into walking and talking like anyone else

Sent to a finishing school that eliminates any trace of individuality

Brainwashed into learning the same arts, the same science and the same values

Groomed by a college to be a white-collared slave

Hired by an organization that pays you to think like they do

Judged by a cliché called success

Defined by a society that goes by a quaint rulebook called the Constitution

Fired for showing a streak called independence

Urged by peers to play by the rules

Counseled by parents to settle down

Appreciated for re-entering the chicken run

Earned a label called Manager

Decided to abandon the last vestige of freedom

Acquired the tag called husband

Wedded and bedded a stranger from the same factory

Fathered a by-product of organic chemistry...


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