Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Let's Talk Shop

Admit it. You’ve always been curious about celebrities. Minutiae like what they wear, what they eat and who’s doing whom, never ceases to fascinate you. To hold your blooming attention for the next 60 seconds, I shall tap this very curiosity. I shall try and dish out some made up trivia about the shopping habits of people we love-to-lurve and love-to-hate.

Did you know that Prakash Karat is an avid shopaholic? I hear he drops often into Marx and Spencer’s.

My impeachable source in New York tells me that Pervez Musharraf once strutted into Borders and had the cheek to ask the store employees if Kashmir was on sale.

Different people order different things at Starbucks. But this one takes the cake. Three years ago, they say one Salman Khan called up Starbucks from Bombay. And ordered for two black bucks for a girl friend, named A. Rai.

Here’s a real melter. It seems, ever since J.Lo became Marc Anthony’s Cleopatra, the love torn Ben Affleck has started spoonering big time. My dubious deep throat reports that nowadays when Ben dials Ben & Jerry’s he asks for Jen & Berries.

Rumour has it that Mallika Sherawat thinks that is an online lingerie store for well-endowed women.

I read this in a first rate yellow rag, some time back – Paris Hilton plans to start a store called Boys R Us. The store will sell intimate memorabilia of her countless toyboy friends.

In ‘Osama’s Lonely Planet Guide For Jihadis’, compiled by the man himself, Victoria’s Secrets is listed as the place to shop for Britain’s best-kept secrets.

Steve Jobs was on a trip to Beijing to plug his Macs, G4s and G5s. President Hu sat through Steve’s presentation with a smirk. At the end of the presentation, President Hu surprised Steve Jobs by boasting that Macs were already available in China for fewer than 10 dollars. Zapped, Steve Jobs asked the president if he could take him to the store that sells Macs at dirt-cheap rates. Hu obliged. Steve Jobs smiled when they reached the bustling ‘store’. It had the ubiquitous golden arches at the entrance.


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