Monday, June 12, 2006

Makes No Sense

It was the 32nd of December.
At 13 AM, I switched on the TV.
On Channel One, I read a movie.
Zap. Zap.
Then I watched a song.
Zap. Zap. Zap.
Got bored. So I called myself.
It was a dull, dreary conversation.
How do you live with him?
I thought to myself.
But he had sharp ears.
He called me names.
And put the phone down, rather rudely.
Disgusted with me, I went to the wardrobe.
Pulled out another body.
And stuffed my soul into it.
The fit didn't look right.
But what the hell, at least I looked presentable.
The bell sang.
I ran to answer the window.
As I opened the panes, I saw my red shadow staring at me.
He had come to check on me.
I called him outside.
We sat on two floating sofas.
For an hour, neither spoke.
At 12 AM, my shadow thanked me for my time.
And left me all alone with my many selves.
Then I went to the bathtub and fell asleep.


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good one!

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