Thursday, June 01, 2006

Should the mandal stir continue?

Should the Y4E unrest go on? Shouldn’t the strikers just cock up and get back to their respective jobs, now that the honorable Supreme Court has decreed silence? Well, the opinions are divided. Our resident mind readers did a quick psychic survey to gauge the reactions of different sections of India. This is what they found out…

CNN IBN: Of course, they must stop protesting….because people are tired of watching the same old footage. C’mon guys, where’s the drama? Not one single suicide. Not one riot. Not even a self-immolation worth recording for posterity…

HEADLINES TODAY: The strike is old hat. We have more important issues to cover like Britney Spears’ pregnancy; Buddhia’s run for his life; Fanaa’s fortunes and Rahul Mahajan’s political launch.

NDTV: The strike is a BJP conspiracy to topple the UPA government. Upper caste doctors and students from elitist schools funded by rich NRIs living in the USA are behind this Mandal agitation. Our correspondent Barkha Roy has discovered that 75 out of 70 students present in her ‘We the People’ program, oppose this.

THE HINDU: The strike is an ingenious ploy by status quo-ists to perpetuate casteism. It has no merit. It is anti-people and is being led by fascist minds who love to hold the nation to ransom….

THE BLOGGER: Don’t surrender guys. We are solidly behind you. If you give up so soon, we’ll have nothing to rant about…

RAKEYSH MEHRA: Continue…continue…as long as you guys keep fighting RDB will be very much in the news.

MANMOHAN SINGH: I am pained to see the attitude of the strikers. I have set up so many committees to go into the issue. Still they want to protest. I am willing to appoint many more committees if it can end the nation’s agony…

SONIA GANDHI: No comments.

DR. ANBUMANI: Thanks to the doctor’s strike, the patient is in the ICU. By patient I am referring to my good self. So for my sake, dayavusaidhu get back to work tomorrow. Or I’ll lose my ministry.

RAJNATH SINGH: We are neither opposed to the strike nor do we support it. At the end of the day all we want is merit should get its due place and the backward castes must get social justice.

ARJUN SINGH: As per my information, the protestors are from the creamy layer of the Upper Castes. If you people don’t stop, the government will be forced to introduce a legislation whereby only 49.5% of the population will have the right to protest.

THE STUDENT: Go on. Go on. We are very much with you. The more you protest, the longer will be our summer vacation.

THE DOCTOR: Paapi pet ka sawaal hai boss. Why should we lose our job? If we don’t join work tomorrow, Supreme Court apna post mortem kar dega.


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