Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sum of all Peejays

By Peejay Amritraj

What does a mathematician have for dessert?
Apple Pi

Which Sherlock Holmes story was a best seller with trigonometry buffs?
The Sine of Four

What do you call a mathematician’s fiancée who just missed being his wife?

Which TV serial would Rene Descartes watch if he were alive?
The X-files

What is the mathematical term for irrational Sardarjis?

If Pythagoras were to launch a daily, what would he call it?

Whose lips are the mathematician's biggest turn-on?

What do you call a really wicked maths teacher?
Arithmetic Mean

If Jim Carrey were to do a movie on mathematicians, what will the title be?
Numb & Number.

Why do mathematicians spend a lot more time on foreplay?
Because the parts are greater than the hole.


Blogger Sajan said...

What would a mathematician tell the ad junta about the 'adlova' blog?
Be there or be square!

6:05 PM  
Blogger catcharun said...

the last one was great...

"kooti kazhichhu paatha kanakku seriya varudhu"

add some more will ya??

9:07 PM  

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