Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Square Cuts From Peejay Amritraj

Peejay Amritraj vents his ire on the Indian cricket team with some ajhel jokes.

What’s common to Saurav Ganguly and Illayaraja?
Both have stopped scoring.

Why has Laxman stopped rotating the strike?
Because he is no longer single.

The Hutch ad says ‘Rahul is waiting’. What is Rahul waiting for?
He’s waiting to be the wise captain.

Why do the leftists love Sehwag?
Because he has an awesome strike rate.

What’s the difference between Gautam Gambhir and a Swiss Knife?
The Swiss Knife is a more dependable opener.

Irfan Pathan will make a great brand ambassador for Anchor Switches. Why?
Because he performs off and on.

What was Tendulkar listening to after he got out in the Bangalore Test Match?
Dire Straits

Why was Murali Karthik the second choice for the one-day series?
Because Harbhajan Singh needs a naya doosra.

What is Anil Kumble planning after retirement?
He plans to be the batting coach for the Indian cricket team.

Why is Balaji a big hit with gays?
Because he swings both ways.


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