Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What They Say When They Do It

By Dirty David

Automobile Salesman: How about a test ride?

Dental Surgeon: Are you sure your cavity doesn’t need a filling?

Cricketer: I am going to remove the slips and bring the short-leg forward.

Middleman: I think you deserve some kickbacks.

Mathematician: It’s about time we multiplied.

Ornithologist: Can you tell me what the spread-eagle looks like?

Physicist: I wish to carry out some experiments with my discharge tube.

Banker: Can I tempt you with a 9-month deposit that carries a 100% interest?

Art Director: Your layout needs some touching up.

Doctor: Hey, wanna try out my new injection?

Politician: Mind if I cast my vote in you ballot box?

Economist: I know what a boom feels like. But I am not sure if I know everything about the bust.

Terrorist: Where do I plant my bomb?

Bartender: Honey, it’s happy hour. The cocktails are on the house.


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