Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hey you, zombie!

Yeah, that's right. I am talking to you rhino-hide. If you think this Mandal issue is about some rich-ass IITians and IIM grads, then forget it. The shit's gonna hit the ceiling soon. Because Minister of Generosity - Arjun Singh, has indicated that he'll go the whole nine yards with the 104th ammendment. On his hitlist are AIIMS Delhi, JIPMER Pondichery, CMC Vellore, the NIFTs, the NIDs, the IHMs, Central Universities, the FTIIs, All Private Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, MBA Institutes and believe it or not even schools like DPS and Doon won't be spared! So what are you gonna do now? Lemme take one guess: nothing.


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