Thursday, April 07, 2005

What is the meaning of life?

by the unthinker

Life is a level in a game I call evolution.

Played by a soul, that wants to be all it can be.

The rules of the game are simple.

Every soul has two goals.

One, to rise to a selfless state of perfection.

Two, to help the other souls reach that state.

To achieve these twin goals, each soul is given an infinite number of lives.

With each life, a soul can shed one or many imperfections.

By imperfections I refer not to vices, but to all those traits of character that impede the progress of the soul.

The soul chooses its form, shape and context of birth according to the imperfection it wishes to conquer.

Though the soul knows what it’s getting into, it does not know how this conquest will happen. Largely because of the number of variables involved.

When a soul takes a form, it assumes all the characteristics typical of that form.

For example, if the soul takes the form of a tree it shall not have the power to remember or even the power to doubt.

As a result, a soul may forget the purpose of its birth, once it takes a form.

But it tries to do its best to drop hints to you about the mission of the birth.

So, simply put, a life is like a treasure hunt.

Where the treasure is hidden by the ignorance of your form.

The challenge of life is uncover that treasure.

Only your soul knows what the treasure is.

Since the form the soul takes, is never clear about the treasure, it makes a lot of mistakes.

Which explains why people are perpetually unhappy.

The root of this restlessness lies in your soul.

If you’re restless, it means your soul thinks you have taken the wrong trail in pursuit of the treasure.

The soul spends its energies in trying to bring you back on track.

Some forms are receptive to the soul’s entreaties. Some are not.

If a form manages to sniff the right trail, find the treasure and fulfill the mission of the birth, a life is deemed successful by the soul.

If the form is unable to uncover the treasure, the life is deemed unsuccessful.

A fruitful life means the soul is free to focus on scaling a higher imperfection.

A wasted life means the soul will have to choose a similar experience again.


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A different thought;but you are making it complex.

PS:'by the unthinker' -> your motive eludes me.

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