Sunday, March 20, 2005

Peejay Amritraj Makes His Debut

Why did the Indian Cricket Selectors visit the red light area?
They came searching for some talented hookers.

Which chess term are you most likely to hear in restaurants, down under?
Cheque, mate.

What did one mining engineer tell the other?
Mine is bigger than yours.

What is P Chidambaram’s favourite drink?
VAT 69

Why was VP Singh all for Mandal?
Because he is the reserved type.

What is Janet Jackson’s favourite song?
Flash Dance

Why will communism never be popular with school kids?
Because the average school kid hates his marks.

What do you call a man in a hurry?

What’s common to the Moon & Madam Tussaud’s?
They keep waxing all their lives.

Which is the deadliest looking bra?

How did Edwin Aldrin make it to the Moon mission?
Just before the blast off, Neil Armstrong had asked NASA to give him a 'Buzz'.

Which courier company never has a power problem?

What is the computer geek’s favourite detergent?

Why do most Egyptians suffer from the Oedipus complex?
Because they just love their mummies.

What is the bong’s favourite fabric?


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