Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why not gender based reservations?

Proponents of Mandal keep pointing to the fact that affirmative action is a just compensation for centuries of discrimination. Before we venture into a critique of this argument I suggest you pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Think of all the heinous social crimes commited by Indians in the last many centuries. What comes to mind? The image of a young lady being goaded to commit Sati? A child widow being carted away to the desolate confines of an asylum in Brindavan? The poignant picture of a female foetus in a dustbin? The photograph of a dowry victim with third degree burns? Gory footage of nubile women being pillaged in riots?

See my point? The most discriminated creature in this country is the bharatiya nari. So I'd like to know only one thing. Why the hell should we not have 50% reservations for women in all fields? Why stick with stupid Mandal? Let's have some Mahila Mandal instead.


Blogger Abi said...

Great Idea! Let's start a Movement! Let the Fight for Equality begin!

Right Now!

[begin small print]
But, we should have a sub-quota for OBC women!
[end small print]

12:33 PM  
Blogger shrik said...

Maharashtra (or is it just Mumbai..?) engineering colleges have 1/3rd reservation for women..

7:18 PM  

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