Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Peejay Amritraj Enters Films

A blockbuster debut with c-grade movie peejays.

Which Ram Gopal Verma sequel is most likely to be funded by Reliance?
Bhoot 2. Because he plans to call it STD Bhoot.

What kinda films is Prakash Karat into?
Marx Brothers

Why did Jeniffer Aniston dump Brad Pitt?
Because he’s a Jolie good fellow.

What’s common to Shah Rukh Khan and an amateur radio operator?
Both enjoy hamming.

What is the name of Ang Lee’s new film starring Shakti Kapoor?
Couching Tiger & Hidden Dragon

Who is Bruce Lee’s favourite director in Bollywood?
Sanjay Leela Bhansalee

If Mallika Sherawat were a professor, what would she be teaching?

Which Aamir Khan movie was a huge hit with Hindustan Lever?

Which is Mayawati’s favourite English flick?
The Untouchables

Why did the Chinese President Hu Jintao allow Farah Khan to release her film in China?
Because he loved the title Main Hu Na.


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