Sunday, March 20, 2005

Big Questions

Is it right to be wrong?
Do you have faith in logic?
Is there anyone you hate to love?
Where’s the body of the soul?
Why should every beginning have an end?
Can I be you?
What if the truth masquerades as a lie?
Are we awake when we sleep?
Can there be a future without a past?
Is a world without nations possible?
Whom does the leader follow?
Where’s the idea in ideologies?
Can sweat ever be sweet?
Is there an enemy lurking inside a friend?
How dumb is intelligence?
Should we pity the happy?
Are we inside a cell or is the cell inside us?
When will the adult be a child?
What can buy money?
Why do we fight wars for peace?
Is it sane to be crazy?
Do gods really care for religion?
Is there an ocean inside a drop of water?
How pointless is a goal?
Why do we divide after multiplication?
Who gave birth to abortion?
Why don’t we celebrate defeats?
How alive are we when we’re dead?
Can there be a thinker without thoughts?
How illiterate is the educated?
What do you when the cop is a thief?
How much of love is lust?
Are we deaf to our inner voice?
What will the communist do without the capital?
Did noise mother music?
Why do the anonymous eschew fame?
How profound is trivia?
Why does equality beget inequality?
Are the brave really unafraid?
When did common sense become a rare trait?
Isn’t a mountain, a molehill?
Why are all superiors inferior?
How backward is the forward caste?
Should the majority fear the minority?
Is illusion the reality?
When will we start questioning answers?


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