Sunday, May 15, 2005

Humans 2.0

A quick take on the new species presented by Talvin Offler.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a hypothesis: Babies born after Y2k look, feel and act significantly smarter than the previous generations. So much so, I get a feeling that they are a different species. Haven’t you noticed it? The vocabulary of today’s 3-year old is far superior to that of a 10-year old of our generations. And that’s just the first discernable trait displayed by the beta version of Humans 2.0, a wow-worthy killer app from Divine Labs. To help you get the big picture, let me do a SWOT analysis of this new species…

a) Better verbal, visual and mathematical intelligence.
b) No baggage of nationalism.
c) Meritocrat at heart
d) Very open-minded.
e) Zero tolerance for mediocrity.
f) Very experimentative.
g) Physically fitter.
h) Hungry for recognition.
i) More nomadic than ever before.
j) Super self-belief.

a) Impatience.
b) More cynical.
c) Complacence.
d) Mentally not so tough.
e) More restless.
f) Fears commitments.
g) Claustrophobic.
h) Success.
i) Ego.
j) Sex.

a) More aesthetic world.
b) A globe organized not around nations.
c) A new form of democracy that rewards meritocracy.
d) A satellite planet for earthlings.
e) Lesser wars.
f) Cures for AIDS, Cancer and other seemingly incurable diseases.
g) Fantasy concepts like telepathy and teleportation are realized.
h) Religions reform as people lose faith.
i) A species that speaks one language.
j) Poverty becomes history.

a) Families break up.
b) New emotional disorders plague mankind.
c) Marriage loses its meaning as couples prefer short-term cohabitation.
d) World population decreases drastically.
e) Low attention span of mankind hurts books, newspapers and movies.
f) Local languages and dialects become extinct as the world switches to English.
g) Boredom increases the perverse streak of mankind.
h) A new caste system based on ‘meritocracy’ emerges. Mediocre people are treated like the new pariahs.
i) Fantasy concepts like telepathy and teleportation are realized.
j) Jealousy replaces greed as the biggest vice.

The day the weaknesses dominate the strengths, HUMANS 3.0 will be unleashed. Till then, just sit back and watch the events unfold.


Blogger Ravages said...

Superman. And Superwoman too.

Super man (I meant you). The post was good.

1:25 AM  
Blogger detracked said...

Very interesting.

7:27 PM  
Blogger detracked said...

On second thought and reading.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Übermaniam said...

sorry to be the party pooper but i thought the post was quite pedestrian, give or take a few interesting thoughts. i've seen much better from anantha. tnks and regards, avi

10:54 PM  

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