Monday, June 27, 2005

the rant of an anonymous ant

after god created matter
he made us ants
and said, “they won’t matter”

ever since that nano second
we’ve never been counted
leave alone reckoned

today, no one cares about our tale
because we are a tiny blip
on the cosmic scale

so here we are scrounging for food
sometimes even stealing stuff
like that bloke, robin hood

makes me wonder why
we have to struggle so much
for a small slice of the global pie

i mean, what is that we lack
we too can eat, sleep, work
multiply, divide and attack

we can make anthills with aplomb
and build armies that will
never drop a nuclear bomb

come to think of it
we don’t make any noise
we don’t even bull shit

then why does our species
get nothing while you overrated asses
get the playboys and the mitsubishis


Blogger Übermaniam said...

aplomb, bomb, nice.

9:55 AM  

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