Sunday, May 29, 2005

100 questions for which I don’t have the answers.

1. Why me?
2. Will I get another chance?
3. Is this the right choice?
4. How much of shit can I take?
5. Does it really matter?
6. Why do I make mistakes?
7. Am I you?
8. Is there a pattern?
9. Why do we repeat ourselves?
10. Is that all?
11. How many people are inside me?
12. Are my thoughts mine?
13. Who whispers into my head?
14. Why don’t I get what I want?
15. What do I want?
16. What am I supposed to do?
17. What will I do with what I want?
18. So what?
19. Why do I keep eating?
20. Is there an end?
21. What is the beginning?
22. Why am I so clichéd?
23. Is it wrong to copy?
24. Who decides what is right, what is wrong?
25. Is there any point in analyzing?
26. Should I have faith in you?
27. Am I as small as I think?
28. Is it good to have an ego?
29. Am I wasting my time?
30. Is my time running out?
31. Why did I choose this existence?
32. How can I make everyone happy?
33. Is happiness the ultimate goal?
34. Is everything relative?
35. Why am I, me, when I know I am more than me?
36. Is it a game?
37. What are the rules?
38. What if I fail?
39. Have I failed?
40. Whom did I disappoint?
41. Why am I unhappy when I am sad?
42. Should I be detached?
43. How can I be detached?
44. Is there a teacher?
45. Do all questions have answers?
46. Why am I restless?
47. Why am I so clueless?
48. Am I capable of anything?
49. Where do I get the power?
50. Why do I think?
51. How am I different from others?
52. Why do I divide?
53. Why do I multiply?
54. What was I a hundred years ago?
55. What will I be a hundred years from now?
56. Is this life my first innings?
57. Where do my thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams go after I die?
58. Am I immortal?
59. Why do I feel powerless sometimes?
60. Why is my world so small?
61. Can you love and be detached?
62. Why am I afraid to let go?
63. What am I afraid of?
64. Why do I feel fear?
65. Who is behind hope?
66. Why do calamities occur?
67. Why are some more evolved than others?
68. Who is destiny?
69. Is anything in our hands?
70. Are we responsible for our successes?
71. Why does god need worshipping?
72. Can I live without religions?
73. Why should I care about others?
74. Why was I born where I was born?
75. Why do I have desires?
76. Is birth a biological accident?
77. Why are most inventions serendipitous?
78. Can I predict events?
79. Am I a grown-up child?
80. Why does everyone crave for applause?
81. Why do a select few get the applause?
82. Is there a formula?
83. Is there everything in anything?
84. Why do I get angry?
85. Why do people get jealous?
86. Who spreads negativism?
87. Is one man’s good another man’s evil?
88. Why do I feel good when I do a good act?
89. Why do I feel bad when I say something bad?
90. Why do I repress certain thoughts?
91. Will I be the same person in the absence of rules?
92. Can you kill for a right cause?
93. Are there any absolutes?
94. Is time infinite?
95. How long will it take?
96. Why do we seek stability?
97. Why is war wrong and peace right?
98. Why do people fight?
99. How much is enough?
100. Will I ever figure it out?


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8:24 PM  
Blogger cipher said...

there are questions and then we look for the answers!

9:02 PM  
Blogger inlivenout said...

Dont have the answers?Haha,I believe you.

7:30 AM  

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