Friday, June 10, 2005

Thought Google & Unthought Google

Google is the biggest leap of logic, made by mankind, in the last one hundred years. In one stroke, it has made available all the information that has ever been and will ever be gathered by mighty, small, ordinary and sub-ordinary minds. I like Google because it has freed the brain from the yoke of memory. I love it because it’s provided every one of us a free ticket to a wild wild world called the infosphere.

But this piece is not about Google. It’s about two new search engines that are yet to be conceived. For lack of better names, I shall refer to them as the Thought Google and the Unthought Google. If Google is about mining the infosphere, Thought Google is about sifting the ideosphere and Unthought Google is about filtering the imaginosphere.

The ideosphere, as you must have guessed, is the realm of thoughts and ideas. In the olden days, they used to call it the ether. It is my view, that the ideosphere is a very advanced wired world built using the baap of blue tooth technologies. It’s a breathtaking network of minds that’s been operational ever since the first thought emanated. Floating in this network are thought waves from the fertile minds of Da Vinci, Hitler, Gandhi, Einstein, Shakespeare, Buddha, Ramanujam and gazillions of other thinkers and non-thinkers. A search engine engineered for this sea of thoughts will yield all the sublime and ridiculous ideas ever conceived by these minds. The key to constructing such a search engine lies in uncovering the nuts and bolts that make up a thought. And also in identifying the invisible servers that store these sparks.

Building the Thought Google, in my opinion, is a bigger challenge than making that silly trip to Mars. We’ll need some ingenious metascientists and code wizards to pull this off. Looking at our track record, I would say, it should be possible in the next hundred years.

The Unthought Google, however, may take many millennia. Because it involves the imaginosphere - the realm of the unborn, the unthought and the unconceived. The imaginosphere is a network of supraminds who built this universe. In this unseen ocean, you’ll find files and folders containing concept notes on the near, not-so-near and the distant future of microbes, mankind, animals, planets and stars.

Both these search engines can and will be built someday. When they are created, I’ll be the first to cheer this mind-boggling achievement from some corner of some galaxy of some universe.


Blogger catcharun said...

this may be kinda long :
dopppsy and i keep coming up with weird occurences that we collectively attribute to a collective going along those lines, if your thought google has to be the best ever it should be placed in every brain, harvesting every thought and connecting through the collective consciousness..i think thats quite possible. cybernetics places computers in bodies, networking them should be a relatively simple task

i was thinking about the future of blogs yday after reading something from dopppsy's blog and after a couple of leaps of illogic , i came to the conclusion that the next blog will just be a file dump..strangely enough u mention something like that in ur unthought google. my reasoning is that ppl dont read blogs merely for info, its more for a vicarious pleasure that u get from reading about someone and their opinions, behavior and the next big thing in a blog would show you what best represents all of those...your computer's hard disk..organised as folders by you, its perhaps the most tangible(no thats wrong, shud it just be visible) screenshot of your brain's contents..images sounds thoughts opinions ideas videos - they are all there and the first disk blog that i'd like to peek into would be yours.
i'll also totally understand if it'll be a pay-per-view service. quite obviously paris hilton's hard disk will go for much more than feynman's

i cud go on like this forever..i'll stop and say what i meant to say in the first place - great piece of thought..i'm a lil scared of both these engines, i wudnt want anyone peeking into my darker side..then again i'll never be great enough for either to probe my head

9:29 PM  
Blogger Übermaniam said...

i must get some of the shit ur smoking. make that both of you are smoking.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Ravages said...

Nice thought. Point is, how can it be implemented? Mining the imagination, and mining thought, calls for a global effort to get all kinds of people to volunteer and get their brains wired up to a central system? Is it possible? Are humans that crazy or that dumb?

2:38 AM  
Blogger Übermaniam said...

aren't we all wired into one collective consciousness, already?

11:50 AM  
Blogger Wally Weet said...

Gotcha. This blog and are cruisin' on the same tollway, Babe. 'cept it's not the hard drive we're sharing, it's the imperceptible, the unpredictable me that is shared in a blog. ANY blog.

12:21 PM  

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