Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thought bubble # 2

Just because you're full of electrons, doesn't mean you have to be negative.

Monday, June 27, 2005

the rant of an anonymous ant

after god created matter
he made us ants
and said, “they won’t matter”

ever since that nano second
we’ve never been counted
leave alone reckoned

today, no one cares about our tale
because we are a tiny blip
on the cosmic scale

so here we are scrounging for food
sometimes even stealing stuff
like that bloke, robin hood

makes me wonder why
we have to struggle so much
for a small slice of the global pie

i mean, what is that we lack
we too can eat, sleep, work
multiply, divide and attack

we can make anthills with aplomb
and build armies that will
never drop a nuclear bomb

come to think of it
we don’t make any noise
we don’t even bull shit

then why does our species
get nothing while you overrated asses
get the playboys and the mitsubishis

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thought bubble # 1

You, who?

Monday, June 20, 2005

My Theory of Pain

All pain is self-inflicted.

Inflicted with a desire to tell yourself that you are on the wrong track.

When you get back on-track, the pain heals itself.

The only exception to this is biological pain.

It might help if you see it as a difficulty level in a computer game.

You chose a higher difficulty level because you made the assumption that you could endure it.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Thought Google & Unthought Google

Google is the biggest leap of logic, made by mankind, in the last one hundred years. In one stroke, it has made available all the information that has ever been and will ever be gathered by mighty, small, ordinary and sub-ordinary minds. I like Google because it has freed the brain from the yoke of memory. I love it because it’s provided every one of us a free ticket to a wild wild world called the infosphere.

But this piece is not about Google. It’s about two new search engines that are yet to be conceived. For lack of better names, I shall refer to them as the Thought Google and the Unthought Google. If Google is about mining the infosphere, Thought Google is about sifting the ideosphere and Unthought Google is about filtering the imaginosphere.

The ideosphere, as you must have guessed, is the realm of thoughts and ideas. In the olden days, they used to call it the ether. It is my view, that the ideosphere is a very advanced wired world built using the baap of blue tooth technologies. It’s a breathtaking network of minds that’s been operational ever since the first thought emanated. Floating in this network are thought waves from the fertile minds of Da Vinci, Hitler, Gandhi, Einstein, Shakespeare, Buddha, Ramanujam and gazillions of other thinkers and non-thinkers. A search engine engineered for this sea of thoughts will yield all the sublime and ridiculous ideas ever conceived by these minds. The key to constructing such a search engine lies in uncovering the nuts and bolts that make up a thought. And also in identifying the invisible servers that store these sparks.

Building the Thought Google, in my opinion, is a bigger challenge than making that silly trip to Mars. We’ll need some ingenious metascientists and code wizards to pull this off. Looking at our track record, I would say, it should be possible in the next hundred years.

The Unthought Google, however, may take many millennia. Because it involves the imaginosphere - the realm of the unborn, the unthought and the unconceived. The imaginosphere is a network of supraminds who built this universe. In this unseen ocean, you’ll find files and folders containing concept notes on the near, not-so-near and the distant future of microbes, mankind, animals, planets and stars.

Both these search engines can and will be built someday. When they are created, I’ll be the first to cheer this mind-boggling achievement from some corner of some galaxy of some universe.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Four Boring Secrets About Me

There's a chain blog-mail doing the rounds where they ask you to list 4 things about you. The king of bloggers has passed an order asking me to state mine. So i had to comply.

Total number of books I own
I am the blacksheep in a family of readers. Fat books psyche the shit outta me. Thin books spook me out. I can read like a page at a time. Basically the bottomline is I stay away from books. Thanks to my bibliophobia, I have a spartan collection of 15 odd books - all related to the kinda things I dabble in.

Last book I bought
I'll have to really think hard...Oh yes, last month, I bought the collected works of Mirza Ghalib for a romantic friend of mine as a gift. For myself, I bought Roald Dahl's short stories. Being a lame book magnet, I must have read just 3 short stories from that tome.

Last book I read
I hate fiction. I am cool with non-fiction. As I told you earlier, I am a modular reader. The last module I read was the Chapter 1 in a book called 'The Secret of the Veda' by Aurobindo. I felt like a dwarf after leafing through it. The man had such a command over the language and to top it, a deep intellect. Sigh. Before that it was a witty movie review of Godzilla from a book titled 'Nobody's Perfect' by Anthony Lane. Cover to cover, I might have read just about 20 books. The last book that had that honour (ha ha!) was an intriguingly unputdownable work called 'Sophie's World'. I found it interesting because it used an unusual structure to explain philosophy. If you ask me the author's name, I won't remember it.

Five books that mean a lot to me
I will find it very difficult to touch five because no book really means a lot to me. But if you insist here goes...

1. My tattered Chamber's Everyday Dictionary.

2. Roget's Thesaurus.

3. Any book by Mother or Aurobindo

4. Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

5. Anantha's endlessly postponed 'Unwritten short stories'.

I am expected to extend this chain by nominating a few other bloggers to go through this painful exercise. The lazy me shall take over now and play spoil sport.

The Setting Son

A flat tyre.
A broken lyre.

A beaten track.
A widening crack.

A stale dish.
A hopeless wish.

A tangled knot.
A mindless bot.

A rusty gun.
A witless pun.

A tired whip.
A sinking ship.